The Best Mountain Bikes 2021 Has To Offer

The Best Mountain Bikes 2021 Has To Offer

Mountain bike designs have come a long way since these functional bicycles were first developed back in 1978. Today, you can choose from a wide range of bike designs in all sorts of brands and colors. These bikes can also have a vast variety of accessories that might ease your expeditions.

If you are buying a mountain bike for the very first time, it can be hard to decide on a bike with the right frame and features. Mountain biking is also quite pricey to get into. The purchase of the bikes and gear that you’ll need can quickly become very expensive.

If you want the best experience, it’s a good idea to start with an affordable entry-level bike and to upgrade your bike and gear gradually. That way, you felt like you earn the right to level up once you master each level.

In this guide, we will take a quick peek at some of the best mountain bikes 2021 has to offer at an excellent price.

The 5 Best Mountain Bikes 2021 Has To Offer

Modern mountain bikes are available in four main design types, which we will go over. The manufacturers can include all sorts of components that might make these bikes more suitable for specific mountain biking adventures.

When looking for an affordable bike, you should focus on bikes made with a quality frame. A quality frame can optimize your performance on the trail.

Other components besides the frame are not as important because you can gradually replace them as you upgrade your bike.

With that out of the way, here’s a quick look at five affordable bikes that have all the quality basics you need to get started in this exciting sport.

What Type Of Mountain Bike Should I Buy?

This is the first and most important question you should be asking yourself if you are looking for a good bike.

When looking for a mountain bike, examine the frame design and suspension style. These two components are what optimize your performance the most. There are quite a few different types of mountain bikes that you can consider.

As a new buyer, you should look for one of three main types:

Cross country mountain bikes

These mountain bikes are best suited for long journeys on off-road terrains with some technical parts such as rocky and sandy areas. They are great for those who want to ride to and from work. They’re also great for people who love to ride on biking trails for different occasions.

Trail mountain bikes

These bikes are some of the best ones for complete beginners. Trail bikes are perfect for traveling on a huge variety of trail types and technical conditions such as sandy areas, rocky areas, muddy areas, and even on-road regions.

They are usually the most flexible bikes because you can use them for a wide range of biking disciplines. With such a bike, you can try all types of different biking activities. Keep experimenting until you find out what type of trail you enjoy the most.

All-mountain bikes

You can also get an all-mountain bike. These bikes are perfect for traveling uphill on rocky terrains, but they can also be functional on flatter and smoother surfaces. They are best suited for riders who prefer rough terrains. Or for riders who like to take on intermediate trails with steep hills, slopes, and uneven riding surfaces.

While these bikes are the best for beginners, a few other factors might make a bike more suitable for you. The tire design, for example, can have a significant impact on your riding experience. While thinner tires are better for traveling on roads or rocky terrains, thicker tires are better for traveling through loose sand.

Linear brakes, for example, are usually better for smoother terrains and roads. And disc brakes give better performance on rougher terrains like muddy obstacles.

A great many factors can impact your performance when biking. But when you have the right bike design, you will have an excellent foundation to gradually work your way up to a bike with all the bells and whistles.

1. The GaoFan Flat Wheel Mountain Bike

This is a great bike to consider if you love to venture through terrains with loose sand or snow. Where standard bike tires would sink in these trails, this bike will keep you cruising. Fatter tires prevent sinking, and they keep you upright. This bike isn’t the best for uphill adventures or for venturing on rocky terrains. But it works best for long-distance traveling on smooth or sandy roads.

The bike looks very stylish with its impressive fat tires and its smooth curved frame. It is available in black, blue, brown, orange, red, and white colors. You can get it in a 24 inch or 26-inch wheel size which means it is suitable for people from 160 cm up to 195 cm tall.

The bake mainly consists of quality materials. It comes with an aluminum alloy frame to help reduce the weight of the bike. The rims are also made of rugged aluminum, and the bike is fitted with a double suspension to help reduce the vibrations from impacts.

The bike has 21-speed settings and offers a smooth transition between gears. The flat handlebar is very comfortable, and the bike seat height is effortless to adjust.


  • Weight –23 Kilograms
  • Color – Black, blue, brown, orange, red, or white frame
  • Frame materials –Aluminum alloy
  • Suspension type – double suspension with front fork
  • Wheel size – 24 inch or 26 inch
  • Rider height – 160 – 175cm (24 inch) or 175 – 195cm (26 inch)
  • Tire type – Extra thick cruiser type wheel
  • Rim materials – Aluminum alloy
  • Brake Style – Disc
  • Number of speeds – 21 Speed
  • Foldable – No


  • Great bike for long-distance riding and downhill riding
  • Easy cruising on beaches or through thick sand
  • The bike has a durable yet light aluminum alloy frame
  • The rims are also made of tough aluminum alloy and are double-walled for enhanced strength
  • Front fork suspension reduces vibrations
  • Dual suspension for a smoother ride on rough terrains
  • 21 Speed gear ratio
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Available in two different wheel sizes


  • The thick tires are not ideal for rocky terrains
  • The bike frame isn’t ideal for uphill travels
  • Higher quality components would have been great
  • Not foldable
  • The bike is heavy


2. The Erik Xian Fumer Mountain Bike

This is a fantastic mountain bike to consider if you are limited on space or need to stuff your bike in the trunk of your car. Unlike the other bikes on our list, this one can easily fold into a very compact size. By simply flipping over the quick release clamp in the bike center, you can fold the bike.

This bike is very stylish in design. It is available in blue, red, and orange colors. It comes in two different wheel sizes of 24 and 26 inches, making it suitable for people of 150 cm up to 180 cm tall.

The bike doesn’t have the best frame. It is made with a toughened carbon steel frame that isn’t quite as light as aluminum alloy. Despite the steel frame, they did a surprisingly good job at reducing the bike’s weight since it only weighs 15 kilograms. The bike also has quality aluminum alloy rims and comes with standard design non-slip mountain bike tires.

This bike offers a very smooth ride because it comes with dual suspension. It has a soft tail frame, and the front suspension is lockable so you can enjoy more flexibility for different types of terrains.

It also comes with 24-speed settings, which might be a bit excessive. You are not very likely to use all 24-speed ratios, no matter how diverse your terrains might be.


  • Weight – 15 Kilograms
  • Color – Red, orange or blue frame available
  • Frame materials – Carbon steel
  • Handlebar type – Straight
  • Suspension type – Soft tail frame with lockable front fork
  • Wheel size – 24 or 26 inch available
  • Rider height – 150 – 180 cm tall
  • Tire type – Non-slip average thickness
  • Rim materials – Aluminum alloy
  • Brake Style – Disc
  • Number of speeds – 24 Speeds
  • Foldable – Yes


  • The bike is foldable for easy storage or easy transportation
  • The all-terrain bike is excellent for road travels or mountain trails
  • It comes with high quality tires
  • The components are made of good quality materials
  • The bike is very light for easy carrying
  • The rims are made of tough aluminum alloy
  • The dual suspension offers a very smooth ride on rough terrains
  • The front suspension can lock so you can easily use the bike for cruising
  • You can get the bike in 24 or 26-inch wheel size


  • An aluminum alloy frame would have been better
  • The tail suspension doesn’t offer a great deal of travel
  • 24 Speed settings is a bit excessive


3. The Kent International Hawkeye Mountain Bike

If you are looking for a good quality hardtail bike that can handle lots of wear and tear, this is an excellent bike to consider.

This bike’s color is only available in black and white. And it only comes with 29-inch wheels, which makes it suitable for taller men over 175 centimeters. Those who are shorter can have a tough time handling this large bike.

The bike is made with a quality aluminum frame that reduces the bike’s overall weight to a mere 16.8 kilograms. You can easily carry it over regions that are not suitable for riding. The rims are also made of aluminum alloy, and the bike is fitted with standard 2.3-inch mountain bike tires.

The bike is very smooth to ride. The front fork suspension reduces some of the shock and vibrations you feel when riding. It comes with a 21-speed gear ratio that also offers great flexibility for different terrains and riding styles.


  • Weight – 16.8 Kilograms
  • Color – Black/white
  • Frame materials – Aluminum
  • Frame height – 18.5 Inches
  • Suspension type – Hardtail with crown front suspension
  • Wheel size – 29 Inch only
  • Rider height – Over 175 cm tall
  • Tire type – Standard 29 x 2.3-inch tires
  • Rim materials – Double-wall alloy
  • Brake Style – Disc
  • Number of speeds – 21
  • Foldable – No


  • Ideal for easier trails, cycling marathons, and cross-country adventures
  • Easy to ride on uphill mountain climbs with smooth paths
  • It comes with a quality aluminum frame
  • The rims are also made from quality aluminum alloy
  • The bike is very light
  • Perfect for taller men and women
  • The vast speed ratio gives you good flexibility
  • Crown front suspension reduces vibrations and shock in arms


  • Hardtails are not the best for rough rocky terrains
  • Rustproof quality components would have been great
  • Only available in 29-inch size
  • It might be too large for shorter people
  • The bike cannot fold


4. The Mongoose Blackbomb Mountain Bike

If you love to venture up mountains and travel on rough and rocky terrains, you should consider this bike by Mongoose.

The Blackcomb comes with dual suspension to reduce some of the impacts you feel while traveling on rough terrains. The tail suspension offers a lot of travel to minimize the effect you feel when riding over rocks. The bike has a solid I-beam aluminum alloy frame that can handle all the impact you experience on rough terrains. The aluminum rims combined with the aluminum frame reduces the overall weight of the bike to 19 kilograms.

The bike comes with a 24-speed gear system that is a bit excessive but understandable because it is designed for rough terrains. It is only available in 26-inch wheel size, making it practical for riders between 162 and 187 centimeters tall.

The bike comes with a quality brake system that is ideal for keeping you safe on mountain terrains. Some buyers feel that other components like the handlebars and pedals could have been made of better quality materials. Luckily, you can always upgrade to better quality components later, especially if you consider the bike’s affordability.


  • Weight – 19 Kilograms
  • Color – Black
  • Frame materials – I-beam aluminum alloy
  • Frame height – 19 Inch
  • Suspension type – Dual suspension
  • Wheel size – 26 Inches
  • Rider height – 162 – 187 cm tall
  • Tire type – Standard with lots of traction
  • Rim materials – Aluminum alloy
  • Brake style – 180 mm front and 160mm rear disc
  • Number of speeds – 24
  • Foldable – No


  • A good bike for extreme and rough terrains
  • Good and easy climb comfort
  • The dual suspension offers a smoother and more comfortable ride
  • It comes with an extremely durable aluminum alloy frame
  • The rims are also made of quality aluminum alloy
  • The bike is suitable for adults up to 187cm tall
  • It has quality brakes
  • The bike is nice and light at just below 20 kilograms


  • Better quality components (pedals and suspension materials) would have been nice
  • The bike cannot fold
  • 24-speed settings is a bit extreme
  • Only available in one wheel size and one color


5. The Schwinn Protocol Mountain Bike

This mountain bike is best suited for cross-country expeditions or smoother terrains. It does come with dual suspension, which means you can sometimes take it out on rougher trails.

The bike is terrific for long-distance traveling.

It is very responsive and is designed to reduce fatigue over long journeys. It isn’t the best bike for uphill climbs.

The bike is relatively light at 20 kilograms, so you can easily carry it when you need to. It comes with a very strong aluminum alloy frame that can handle rough use. The aluminum alloy rims are also ideal for long-distance traveling.

The bike has a linear-pull brake system that offers good responsiveness to keep you safer on smoother roads. It comes with 26-inch tires, which make it ideal for riders between 162 and 187 centimeters tall. The bike has standard mountain bike tires that offer good traction but aren’t suitable for traveling in thick sand. The 21-speed gears are also practical for everyday riding on long journeys.


  • Weight – 20.13 Kilograms
  • Color – Red or blue
  • Frame materials – Aluminum alloy
  • Suspension type – Dual with front fork suspension
  • Wheel size – 26 Inches
  • Rider height – 162 – 187 cm tall
  • Tire type – Standard mountain tires
  • Rim materials – Aluminum alloy
  • Brake style – Linear pull
  • Number of speeds – 21
  • Foldable – No


  • Good for cross country expeditions or smoother terrains
  • It comes with a quality yet light aluminum alloy frame
  • The rims are also made of aluminum alloy
  • Dual suspension for a smooth ride
  • The bike is nice and light, so you can easily carry it
  • The 21 speeds are very flexible, and transition is smooth
  • The bike is suitable for men and women up to 187cm tall
  • Easy to assemble


  • The components (tires, crank arms, other parts, and fork) isn’t made of the best materials
  • The bike cannot fold up
  • Only available in one size
  • Not the best bike for extremely rough terrains or uphill travels


Buying Guide

It is always hard to decide on the right bike to buy when there are so many great products to choose from. If you are having a tough time choosing the best one, perhaps this handy guide can help you decide.

The Best Bike for Thick Sand and Snow

The GaoFan is the best bike to get if you travel off-road on gravel paths or in snowy conditions. The extra-thick tires on this bike keep it from sinking into thick sand or powdery snow. The wheels are also larger to help speed up despite the added friction caused by the thick sand.

The Best Foldup Bike

The Erik Xian Fumer mountain bike is a great pick for those who have limited space. The bike has a quick-release arm that instantly folds your bike in half so you can fit it in your car’s boot.

The Best For Cross Country or Long Journeys

There are two bikes on this list that are great for traveling long smooth distances. The Kent International is a good budget option, but this bike is only suitable for tall men over 172 centimeters. It features a hardtail design which might make it a bit uncomfortable for rocky terrains. The larger wheels will help you glide at faster speeds at reduced energy input.

The Schwin Protocol bike is made from slightly better materials. It will offer you a very smooth ride as you take on the trails. This bike also has full suspension for mountain slopes and rocky terrains.

The Best for Rocky Mountain Terrains

If you love to ride up mountain trails and need a bike that will provide you with a smooth ride, you can consider the Mongoose Blackbomb. This mountain bike has full suspension that offers a lot of travel. It will absorb most of the impact you feel while traveling on rough terrains, and its frame supports uphill cycling expeditions.

Final Thoughts

Now you know about the best mountain bikes 2021 has to offer. We hope that this guide helps you narrow things down so you can find a quality mountain bike.

And if you are in the market for other fine-quality mountain bikes or mountain bike accessories, you should look at some of our other guides. We compare other bike components and mountain bike types and share some great advice on finding the right bike.

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